Entomologické potřeby pro sběratele

Entomologické krabice, entomologické špendlíky, průzkumy atd.

Catalogue of entomological equipment

Firm Entoprofi (before Carabid) is since year 1997 export to succesful Czech products in the world. We cooperate with a few Czech-producers who make high-quality products. Products are fabricated with the traditional quality that is popular by world entomologists, specialists of museums, reaserch instituces and by school educations.

Sales information:

Prepayments of the individual customers are unconditionally. With schools and institucions at contination orders it can be make understood otherwise. On separate order (without postage) more than 1000 EURO is discount 5%. Postage provides customer according to the price list of the Czech post (max. 30kg), by the big parcels more 30 kg by the price list of the DHL or another shippers firm (postage will be according to the order calculated and send by email together with the offer.) On the payment will be current order sending to the limit fortnight. At the great orders it is necessary make understood about supply date. Bank charges are fully provided customer. Honour a cheque takes about from 14 to 21 days. It is possible pay by company Western Union. Pay by Western Union is more quickly and without bank charges (Money transfer Control Number please send you by email). Usually will be equipment send maximally 7 days on the payment, but sending of the bigger orders with some of the hand made equipment will be eventually make understood by email.